This is an advanced class where you actually make a pair of tall boots from start to finish.
London Boot

We will schedule dates for this class upon request. Prerequisite: Beginning Shoemaking and Patternmaking.


  1. I am interested in bootmaking and would like to know when will you be conducting your next class? I have no sewing experience and pretty much a novice. Please let me know If the opportunity is available.

  2. I would like to know if you have a beginning shoe making class, a pattern making class, and boot making class in consecutive days. We would like to come from ca. and take the classes all at once. Please let me know what you have available.

  3. I have some boots that I know that I will regret throwing away because the leather is a good quality leather! I would love to make new boots here with some of the leather and I know that it can be done here! Please let me know when are you starting beginners shoe making classes.

  4. Have been wanting to do this course for a year now, got your email about it, and I just can’t afford to do it now, hoping you’ll have another in the not too distant future. Maybe summer?


  5. I m a shoe maker here in Nigeria, i do supply to security and safety companies. I would like to have six to one year professional experience in your county. Please let know if its possible for me? And let me know the cost. I look forward to hear from you. Thanks
    Yours failfully
    Lesi Francis

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