We are now taking orders for custom made shoes and boots at the school. Our shoemaker, Steve Jespersen of Noble Soles is eagerly awaiting your foot measurements! Steve trained with our Master Cobbler, Sara McIntosh for 4 years to take over this part of the business.  He’s got our stamp of approval.

Casual, Comfortable and Custom Fit. Styles Available:

Look at our styles and color choices and let us know what you’d prefer. You may already have your feet on file from Sara’s Shoes if you’ve ordered from her before, or live near Chicago so we can take your measurements and order here at the school.

Please email us  to arrange to get your feet measured


London Boot 16 Slip-on boot, ankle strap, $580.

London Boot 16″ high: Slip-on boot, ankle strap, $580.


Katmandu: 8″ high – can be made higher or lower. : $397.


Manhattan: Popular ankle boot with strap and buckle. $385


Athens: Mary Jane style-strap and buckle. $365

Santa Fe

Santa Fe: Ankle boot with strap and concho. $375


Dublin: Our most popular style of ankle boot. 4.5 inches high. $370


Rome: Men’s dress shoe with patent leather toe cap and trim. $390


Florence: Cross ankle strap, wedge or heel. $373


Barcelona: Low Cut tie shoe. $365



Amsterdam: Lug sole, speed laces, $385.


Boulder: 6″ tall hiking boot, speed laces, lug sole. $390


Chicago: Ankle boot, choice of soles, color. $380