Cool the Glue

Pounding the soles on with a shoemakers’ hammer

After we activate the contact cement that holds the sole in place with the heat gun–and pound the midsole and sole together…..we put those puppies outside to cool before shaping the toe box.


  1. hi i am a new shoe maker, i specialized in ladies high heel. presently i have a challenge in finding the right glue to gum the upper shoe to the leather sole. i will like to ask what GLUE DO SHOE MAKERS USE IN ATTACHING THE UPPER TO THE SOLE

  2. there are a number of brands: Masters Cement, Dural Cement, Barge Cement. They are all about he same in that they are contact glues. You apply them on both surfaces and wait until they are dry to the touch. then you hammer them together or press them firmly together. To get a stronger glue joint, you can activate the glue on both surfaces with a heat gun and then hammer together. Hope this helps.

  3. Hey I’m learning how to make shoes, and hope to one day take your class, but my question is, what glue is best to use on the liner part of the shoe? I would like something more breathable and less toxic, maybe a water based contact cement. Do you have any advice. Thank you

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