Why Custom Footwear?

I assumed you would know the answer to this question. But now I think that custom footwear is such a strange phenomenon in our culture that I’d better help you out with some information:
A truly custom pair of shoes or boots is based on your own foot shape, size, arch location, depth, sensitivities and special needs. This means a totally new experience for your feet and ankles (and legs if you order boots). Most people have never experienced walking around in footwear like that.

Here is some customer feedback from over the years:


Dear Sara:
These shoes are absolutely fantastic! They fit just wonderfully and are so comfortable. I have been teaching in Indianapolis all morning and wore them today and have already received many compliments. I wonder, do you have some business cards you can mail to me? I want very much to encourage people to visit your site when they remark on the shoes…more people need to wear these!

This is undoubtedly the nicest pair of shoes I have ever owned and I will guard them with my LIFE to keep them this fabulous. I really very much appreciate them and will wear them knowing how special their production was.—Nick D.


I still get compliments on my purple Amsterdams, and have twice been to Amsterdam since i got the shoes–it’s kismet! Shelley

Hi Sara: I keep meaning to call or write to let you know how much I love my shoes. I softened the back with the cream you gave me and they fit perfectly now. They’re an extension of my feet – after 30 minutes I don’t even feel like I’m wearing shoes. warm regards, michelle

I own not one other shoe/slipper/boot/moccasin other than your 3 pairs of your shoes (now 4). Thanks again, ron

Hey Sara —
I was just polishing the pair of shoes I bought from you 13 years ago. They’re still going strong. I’ve never had to have them repaired and they’re one of the most comfortable pairs I own. I’m putting them on my feet today before I head out to our pride celebration. I plan to do a lot of walking and I know your shoes won’t let me down.