Gift Workshop/Open Studio

We are super pleased to share this Collection of Bracelets made by our students at Chicago School of Shoe making. Join our next class and learn to make leather cuff / leather cuff bracelet.

Collection of Cuffs

IMG_2518 IMG_3580

wine holder 2

Make your gifts with us this Holiday Season. Each Gift Workshop is 8 hours and allows you to complete as many gift projects as you like. Pay for the materials onsite for each project. (Cash is appreciated!) Project materials range from $5-$25. Our patterns, tools and machines make it easy to create these projects. And if you don’t finish during this gift day, you can sign up for another or buy a few tools and materials from our store to complete them at home. What better way to appreciate your friends and family than to offer handmade gifts this year! And have some fun in the process. We look forward to making stuff with you. We charge $10 per hour and you can come for 1 hr, or for 8. Your registration ($10) buys your first hour and reserves your spot. Hope to see you soon.

  • Wine Bottle Holder
  • Leather Coasters
  • Sun Glasses Case
  • Pet Collars and Leashes
  • Hot cup Holders
  • Clutches and Wristlets
  • Wallets and Card Holders
  • Belts and Cuffs
  • Key rings
  • Tassels
  • AND MORE!!