(Was) Leather Work 102

Small Leather Goods is a consolidation of Man Cave Intro, Leather Work 102 and Leather Work 202. If you are interested in any of the projects and techniques listed in all 3 classes, this is where to sign up. With a variety of projects-(bring ideas!) and your success in Leather Work 101 and Leather Work 201 (prerequisites) you’ll enjoy this class and probably decide to retake it several times. That’s just how much variety you’ll find here

Prerequisite: Leather Work 101 and 201

Leather work 102 is an step up from Leather Work 101. As you know, there are any number of clutch, cuff and belt designs to explore in 101. In 102, you’ll have more hardware available to you and different leathers including hair on hide. We’d like you to expand your experience with 102 and see how much more you can do in the extra time allowed as well as the enhanced materials.