Making a bag for Mom

Great Project Story!

Searched forever to find someone who could sew leather in Chicago so I could make my mom an overnight bag from a hide I got from work. Sara, the woman behind Chicago School of Shoemaking, not only knows how to sew leather but you can take a class and learn how to be a true designer and make clutches, shoes, earings, etc etc! SO MUCH FUN!!! I didn’t know what to expect but I loved it. 5 hours on a Saturday with her and we had a beautiful finished bag.


  1. Interested in taking class specifically to learn how to work with leather. Want to make a case for scissors and messenger type bags. Do not have any experience but need to learn asap. Eager and motivated to learn.

    Please email me or call me at 708.516.9395.

  2. I went to Sara’s site; she made shoes in Santa Fe and I bought my husband a pair. She said that at some time your school may train someone to take over her business. Kindly let me know when this happens. I am interested in buying him another pair of shoes.

  3. Hello, I actually own two leather machines but have had to learn about leather only from some videos. I know I could learn lots from your classes. Please call 715-360-0907 cell or 715-362-6333 clinic/home. I own the Tech Sew 2750 and the Tippman Boss.

  4. Hi! I would like to make a pair of shoes for my son Brendan. He wears braces on his legs/ feet. He also has very wide feet. It is impossible to find shoes that fit him. He has a very colorful personality. So I think. He would love some flashy shoes.

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