Open Studio

Open Studio – $10 per hour


Venue photoOpen Studio is available at $10 per hour.  Anyone who has completed Leather Work 101 and Leather Work 201 (or comparable classes) is qualified to use open studio.  If you want to use our sewing machines or other motor driven tools, you will need to make a date** to get certified to use them.
PLEASE do not expect to receive instruction during Open Studio. You will need to find a class that gives you the skills you need to create independently.

You will have the use of tools and space plus access to materials and hardware for purchase. After a short orientation, you can work independently in our workshop. We are delighted to offer this possibility to our cobblers in training and leather work students.
**Email us to arrange for a 1/2 hour lesson on our machines.  info[at]

Class Dates:  Generally we hold Open Studio any time classes are held.  Call us to make sure.  We can take payment for your time here on site.