Private Tutoring–Leather Work & Footwear


Perhaps you have a specific project or prototype in mind. Maybe you learn best 1 to 1. Perhaps you’re an artist and want to incorporate leather into your designs and need a few pointers.

PRIVATE TUTORING  W/SARA:  Buy an hour or a bundle.  Depending on your project, we can split up  the hours  on your “punch card” or do them all in one session.  Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.


1 hr of private tutoring is @ $95–$95

5 hrs of private tutoring is @ $85–$425

10 hrs of private tutoring is @ $80–$800

20 hrs of private tutoring is @ $75–$1500

Please contact us for booking private instruction via email: sara[at]

Subject line: Private lessons