Toddler Shoes and Cobbler News

As you know–not only are we teaching at the school but making shoes for all ages of people and sizes of feet. Yesterday, one of my younger customers came in to pick up his new shoes at the studio.

I also began a conversation with a much admired colleague in Massachusetts to come to the school as a guest teacher–perhaps as early as this fall. Here’s some of her work. El Diablo Handmade Shoes. I love her styling and the traditional lasting technique she uses allows for some very refined shoes and boots.


  1. I would love to take a shoe making class in the fall and have no shoe making experience. Can I take the class? I love shoes and think it would be wonderful to learn how to make them… And learn a trade! Thank you looking forward to your response.

  2. Most of the students we’ve taught have had no shoemaking experience or even leather working experience. The beginning class is designed with people just like you in mind. And everyone was very pleased with their results. Hope to see you soon. The fall schedule will be on the site in a couple of weeks.

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