Q: Is there financial aid or scholarship programs available for students?

A:  Nothing available at this time. Plans for the future include establishing relationships with art and employment funding resources.

Q: Are there other fees associated with the program?

A: Yes.  A materials fee of  $350 is charged at the beginning of the program and materials are allocated to each student.  If materials are used up before the program is competed, more materials can be purchased by the student to finish projects.

Q: Is there parking?  And where is 3717 N Ravenswood?  (our address)

A:  Free parking is available on Ravenswood as well as around the block.  Parking permits are only needed on Cubs night games and we have permits for those events. Major cross streets:   Between Irving Park and Addison on the North and South.  Between Ashland and Lincoln on the East and West.  We are 2 blocks east and north of the CTA brownline Addison stop.

Q: Do I bring my lunch or are there other options?.

A:  Often students like to bring their lunch and use our microwave and fridge.  Other lunch options are within walking distance. Students get 45-60 min for lunch.

Q: What if I miss a class?

A: Attendance is taken every day.  Students get 2 makeup sessions for approved absences only.

Q: Am I guaranteed a job when I get my certification?

A: Once certified, we give you access to a list of potential employers.  Securing a  position is up to the student *

Q: What if I don’t pass my training program?

A:  Every effort is made to assist students in reaching a high standard of work.  If students need more time or materials, arrangements will be made to accommodate.   Every 4 weeks students’ work is reviewed in order to give students information about how their work is progressing.    Students can still graduate the program without achieving certification.


*It is our wish that every student find gainful employment after certification.  However, this is NOT guaranteed by the Chicago School of Shoemaking & Leather Arts