When I Grow Up

When you were a kid, what did you dream of doing when you grew up? I am talking about after the phase of wanting to be Spiderman, or any other superhero? All I wanted to do was make things, build things. There wasn’t a general category for that–at least for a girl, that I can remember. I was a builder before I was a weaver, before I was a shoemaker. One thing led to another in the realm of working with my hands. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Working with your hands. Found a quote this morning:

If you say that you would love to do something, it is your responsibility to make it happen. ~ Rick Singer


  1. Sara,
    I did not get your email, but am curious about how many peoplw might be in each class and what days of the week they might be.

    This is an exciting venture for you and I think you will be a natural at it because you taught yourself, and you seem to be a patient, laid back person.

    I don’t know if I’d qualify but it intrigues me!!


  2. Sorry you weren’t on the list Karen. I’ll remedy that right away! You’d be a great shoemaking student. It would be fun to teach you. If the classes don’t fit your schedule, send an email and let me know when is good for you. I am always willing to shift the schedule to meet the needs of students. Look on the calendar page to see an overview of the classes scheduled so far. Good to hear from you!

  3. Hi Dee–I’ve been making things all my life–but the first pair of shoes I made were for my baby daughter. I made them out of deerskin and still have them in my studio. They bring back a lot of memories….

  4. Dear Rainbow–We love to connect with other artists! I think that making art is essential to thriving–whether you make it a profession or not. In fact, sometimes that takes the pressure off, eh?

  5. I think for a long time I wanted to be a veterinarian, or work with animals in some way. Although today I am not a veterinarian, I still connect with animals very much and involve myself in animal rights movements, all the while wearing cute and funky shoes :)

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